Thickened ABS Impact Resistance Safety Helmets

Minimum Order Quantity : 200

  • National standard thickened ABS helmet
  • Free printing Logo
  • Pass inspection
  • Qualified
  • Thickened ABS impact resistance
  • The brim of the hat is suitable and does not cover the line of sight
  • Adjustable buckle suitable for popular head type
  • Three ribs, breathable, safe and comfortable
  • Double vents are cooler
  • Details make quality
  • Four-point cap liner
  • Forehead of production information
  • Information forehead cotton cap lining
  • Cap liner adjustment method (button/knob)
  • damping Pad
  • Thicken ABS
  • Buffer and shock absorption
  • ABS material, comfortable, breathable, cushioning lining, national standard quality
  • National standard package testing is robust and durable
  • ABS thickened cap shell, high-quality ABS raw materials are processed and formed at one time, and refurbished
  • There is a buffer gap between the suspended shock absorption width between the cap and the cap lining, which can effectively reduce the impact of the impact on the wearer.
  • Multi-point cushioning to reduce damage. Built-in multiple stress points can effectively disperse the impact force and cause direct impact damage to the wearer
  • The breathable model refuses the sultry heat with multi-point vents arranged in a triangle on both sides, and is designed with empty cushioning design to ensure safety while ensuring excellent heat dissipation performance.
  • Product name: George Barton helmet Applicable scenarios: construction sites, interior decoration, plumbers, production plants, etc.  Product style: National standard thicker, luxury breathable, promotional breathable, three-reinforced extra-hard fiberglass breathable product color: white, red, yellow, blue and orange Product features: no deformation, safety, impact resistance, light weight, electrical insulation  Good, comfortable and breathable.
  •  Special performance: lateral rigid electrical insulation
  • FRP breathable button national standard test, 30-month warranty
  • V-shaped national standard thickened national standard testing, 30 months warranty
  • Three-reinforced hard button national standard test, 30-month warranty
  • National standard economic ventilation national standard testing.  30 months warranty
  • Same responsibility for different styles: red, yellow, blue, white and orange are available in five colors

45.00 د.إ

  • USD: 12.25$


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