Dustproof and Antistatic Coverall

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

Product information Name: Anti-static clean coverall

  • Special dust-proof isolation dust is easy to clean one
  • 2021 NEW UPGRADE is breathable, not stuffy, dustproof and antistatic
  • Breathable and not stuffy, factory direct sales, national professional certificate, selected fabric export quality
  • 2021 NEW UPGRADE strictly controls the raw materials and protects it, we are serious.
  • Suitable environments : biopharmaceutical laboratory medical industry scientific research electronics factory food processing painting workshop printing factory
  •  Material: polyester filament fiber + preferred conductive fiber
  • Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL / 5XL
  • Color: sky blue / white / pink / dark gray / light  Green/light yellow function: dust-proof, anti-static, non-fuzzy
  • Details determine success or failure-the quality of direct sales from the factory is worry-free-
  • The anti-static polyester fiber stripes are clearly visible, the conductive fiber is thickened and encrypted design, anti-static, and effectively isolates small dust including lead dust, asbestos dust and other harmful substances
  • The elastic cuffs are closer to the joints of the hands and feet, and there is a degree of relaxation.
  • The small pan design on the chest is convenient and the badge can be hung
  • The zipper and zipper design with seaming stitching is more smooth and convenient to wear.
  • Color display blue and the same style for men and women


  • AED: 50.00 د.إ

for men and women


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