Marathon Running Socks Multifunction Gym Socks

  • U-shaped sock tightly fits without any streaks
  • Socks mouth protection strips socks mouth tightening to prevent slipping off
  • Protect foot tendons during small heel exercises
  • Y-shaped heel Y-shaped three-dimensional heel is not easy to fall off
  • Breathable guide strip wicks moisture, absorbs sweat and breathes
  • Three-dimensional shock absorption, tighten the package, shock absorption and anti-skid
  • No bulge on the eye seam, soft and comfortable
  • Professional heel care reduces sideslip and protects the tendon and heel care
  • Sock toe wrap cutting design, three-dimensional cutting technology, small toes are more comfortable, curved wrap design does not squeeze or grind the feet SA
  • There are no protrusions at the joints of the hand-made seams, so it is soft and comfortable to wear.
  • The U-shaped sock wraps are tighter, ensuring a tight fit and a comfortable fit without a circle of marks.
  • Three-dimensional shock absorber 3D three-dimensional shock absorber, the human body is streamlined to wrap the arch of the foot.  The shock-absorbing strip can effectively reduce shock and slip during movement.  2 Dehumidification and perspiration ditch-type dehumidification and perspiration vents surround our feet like a river.  Timely perspiration and ventilation.  Conducive to timely removal of foot sweat.

22.00 د.إ

  • USD: 5.99$

  • Non-sip suspension not grind feet
  • The small toe area of ​​the angled socks is professionally angled cut
  • The cut is cut at an oblique angle, so separate the left and right feet.
  • The shock-absorbing and anti-slip strips of the shock-absorbing socks body and the anti-clearing of the vent holes are all designed according to the ergonomics of the foot.  So you have to separate the left and right feet.

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Ladies 35-41


Black, Green, Grey, Pink, White


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