High-reflective cycling socks 3M INNOVATION

Minimum Order Quantity 50

High-reflective cycling socks SM INNOVATION DH SPORTS 32X series cycling socks are made of 3M technology C790 reflective material, which not only improves the visibility in low light environment, but also can withstand wear, stretching or washing, which is popular for cycling hobbies.

Product Features

Highly reflective 360-degree full reflective detail section, 3M cutting-edge technology C790 reflective material to ensure riding safety

Lycra fiber* Lycra fiber has a high degree of elasticity, but the disappearance of the shape can quickly return to the original state.

Strengthen the package*The increase in the rubber band on the sole of the foot is good for the foot to be more powerful

Y-shaped fit heel* Reinforces the heel, which effectively prevents slippage and fits the foot joints more effectively

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