Building Construction Stand-up Collar Reflective Vest

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

  • Brand: Xana2
  • Product Model: Xana2 – 20
  • Product Name: Building Construction Stand-up Collar Reflective Vest
  • Product Fabric: Twill Fabric Product Features:
  • High-brightness Reflective Scope: Transportation/Construction/Construction
  • CE and USA Certified
  • 2 large bags + 2 small bags + 1 pen bag + 1 logo bag Button small bag three-dimensional big bag one
  • Button pouch
  • Work brand bag and pencil case
  • Inner pocket of left pencil case
  • Three-dimensional big bag
  • The smooth zipper has good quality, smooth pulling and durable wear
  • Three-dimensional pockets can amplify items, and Velcro is convenient and durable
  • High-brightness reflective tape has high reflective intensity, in line with European and American standards
  • Transparent PVC pocket
  • The outer PVC pocket can hold business cards, the left side pen pocket, the inner small pocket design
  • Twill fabric feels super good, breathable and wear-resistant, simple and atmospheric


65.00 د.إ

  • USD: 17.70$


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