MSA V-Gard 9121429 Standard ABS Material Shell

Minimum Order Quantity : 200

  • Classic V-shaped structure design
  • Disperse the force, resist compression and smash, and have a smooth surface. When an object falls on the cap shell, it cannot stay and immediately bounce; and the impact point of the cap shell is transferred to the surroundings, and the force reduced by the cap village buffer can reach 2  /3 or more.
  • Decompression buffer cap lining
  • There is a gap of 25-50mm between the cap shell and the cap lining, and the force reduced by the cap lining buffer can reach more than 2/3. When an object hits the helmet, the cap shell will not directly affect the top of the head due to force deformation.
  • MSA V-Gard 9121429 standard helmet
  • [Brand name]: MSA
  • [Model]: V-Gard 9121429 standard [Material]: ABS material shell
  • Safety level]: Pass GB2811-89 standard certification
  • [Features]: Classic V shape, sturdy structure,  Beautiful and generous; V-Gard standard helmet made of ABS material; Slots on both sides can be used with a variety of protective accessories for more comprehensive protection!
  • [Color]: white, yellow, orange, blue, red
  • Velvet sweat band
  • Product conformity label
  • Adjustable rotating wheel
  • Accessories with slots

Reminder: MSA 911 and 912 helmets have the same appearance and different materials. The 911 type is made of HDPE, and the 912 type is made of ABS.



  • AED: 50.00 د.إ


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