One-piece Protective and Safety Coveralls

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

  • Professional production of one-piece protective clothing, careful care of safety protection, meet your protective clothing Natural solid wood interpretation style Natural Interpretation of Nordic furniture solid wood 65% polyester fiber, 35% breathable membrane waterproof and moisture resistant
  • 65~70 grams of PP + PE film-covered protective clothing adult isolation clothing one-piece isolation clothing independent packaging CE certification is completed.
  •  Hooded design, head hooded design, tight opening design, can block dust and emblems a c 02) Zipper design is easy to put on and take off, easy and generous
  • Good quality comes from the detailed hood design. The head hood design, the elastic design of the cap mouth, can block dust and micro organisms. (02 The zipper design is easy to put on and take off.
  • The elastic cuffs can stretch freely, effectively blocking the use of double-sided tape.
  • The outer ring is designed with double-sided tape, making it more fit and not easy to leak.
  • Non-sterile one-piece protective isolation clothing material: non-woven fabric is used as the main material.
  • Product weight: 190 grams [Gross weight] Net weight: 50 grams
  • Product color: White [Applicable to medical institutions, wards, and inspection rooms]  190 cm height medical equipment record.
  • Product packaging: one set per package, 50 packages per box
  • Blue edge protective clothing material: composite film 65% polyester fiber, 35% breathable film
  • Product weight: 190 grams of gross weight, about 70 grams of net weight Product color: white [breathable, moisture-resistant, waterproof]
  • Size: Free size [150-190  Height in cm] Using high-resistance fabric, 65-70 grams of fabric, in line with the national standard GB19082-2009 standard Snow medical equipment record number: Gan Rao equipment preparation No. 20200002 Scope of application: outpatient clinics, wards, and laboratories of medical institutions.
  • Material comparison CONTRAST MATERIAL preferred material recycling material adopts preferred primary color emulsion material.  With other additives, special powder-free technology is exquisitely processed.  Re-produced with recycled materials, the product color is not pure and the quality is low.

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