Large-Capacity Waterproof Laptop Bag For Leisure and Business

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

  • Large-capacity waterproof laptop bag for leisure and business | Splash and splash-proof | Convenient travel
  • A airbag anti-drop
  • Large-capacity multi-layer design breaks the conventional handbag, multi-layer design
  • The waterproof effect can be seen in the waterproof Oxford cloth, and you are not afraid of sudden rain when you go out.
  • large-capacity handbags for your love machine with a quality clothes
  • Portable trolley strap products are equipped with trolley straps, just to facilitate your travel
  • Color Gentleman Gray
  • Deep Space Gray Mysterious Black Rose Pink Plaid
  • Business Casual
  • Material: Oxford cloth capacity wind can put laptop, A4 size books, documents, mobile wallet and other structure
  • Front multifunctional side pocket, internal double  Layered notebook bags, various small document bags
  • 13.3 inches outside: 370 * 270 * 60mm inside: 330 * 230 * 50mm weight 0.5Kg
  • 14 inches outside: 400 * 300 * 70mm inside: 360 * 260 * 60mm weight 0.6Kg
  • 15/15.6 inches outside: 440 * 330 * 80mm inside: 390 * 290 * 70mm weight 0.7Kg
  • 16 inches outside: 440 * 330 * 80mm inside: 390 * 290 * 70mm weight 0.7Kg
  • 16 inches outside 17.3 inches outside: 470 * 360 * 90mm inside: 430 * 320 * 80mm weight 0.8Kg
  • The above are all manual measurements. If there is some error, it is normal, and the actual product shall prevail. Please understand
  • Large-capacity standard model
  • Large capacity upgrade
  • Large capacity expansion
  • EPE shockproof upgrade Double-sided airbag shockproof —- Anti-vibration airbag
  • The rust-proof pull brand hardware is long-lasting, clean and beautiful。
  • There is a sorting bag inside for more convenient placement.
  • Anti-vibration airbag is added in the middle of the anti-vibration airbag, which can effectively reduce the damage to the computer due to vibration and friction
  • The elastic cotton fabric has a built-in airbag to absorb external shocks and other shocks. Shockproof cotton high-density buffers external shocks and other shocks. High-density new Oxford cloth fabrics are thick and wear-resistant/splash-resistant
  • Expansion and expansion design One-pack travel is not just talking about leisure/business
  • Shockproof and large-capacity color display of the shoulder strap



  • AED: 150.00 د.إ


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