12 Hours Preservation BACK VENTILATION DESIGN Temperature Lock System Cool Bags

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

  • 12 hours long cold/heat preservation
  • 10MM insulation layer
  • 10MM thick EPE insulation layer in the middle BACK VENTILATION DESIGN
  •  10MM thick lock temperature LOCK TEMPERATURE CO
  • 360 degree waterproof fabric high density polyester 450D PU waterproof glue 800MM 360 all-round waterproof waterproof fabric WATERPROOF
  • Load-bearing 80 kg backpack nylon webbing can load 80 kg BACK VENTILATION DESIGN 80 kg
  • ADVANTAGE super functional design super functional design BACK VENTILATION OESIGN
  • High-quality woven and widened shoulder straps, strong and durable handles, high-quality widened handbags
  • 12 hours cold preservation/heat preservation 360 degree long-lasting heat preservation, 12 hours preservation BACK VENTILATION DESIGN temperature lock system
  •  nylon belt thickened and widened nylon belt has super load-bearing capacity
  • PK Our ordinary insulation bag is ordinary thin fabric, easy to disconnect.
  • NO2: 10MM insulation layer one-piece PVC liner, super temperature-locking effect, leak-proof and easy to clean
  • PK NO2:  Our ordinary thermal insulation bag is thin, easy to leak, and easy to damage
  • NO3 high density polyester 450D high density polyester 450D roll PU waterproof glue 800MM
  • PK NO3 EUSEBIO The waterproof effect of our ordinary insulation bag is not satisfactory, and it is not up to the standard
  •  Model: THERMO BAG professional outdoor insulation/cold insulation
  • package capacity: 6L, 12L, 25L 40L size:
  • 6L: length 25 * width 15 * height 17 (CM) 12L: length 31 * width 18 * height 24 (CM)
  • 25L: Length 35 * Width 22 * ​​Height 35 (CM)
  • 40L: Length 39 * Width 25 * Height 42 (CM) Weight: 0.38KG, 0.47KG, 0.68KG
  • Fabric: High Density Polyester 450D
  • Color: Green Blue 14L418
  • 6L blue
  • 12L fashion green
  • 25L Peacock Blue
  • 40L Army Green
  • Loading capacity display economical THE LARGE CAPACITY
  • Standard outdoor equipment series BACK VENTILATION DESIGN loading capacity display
  • Can loading 21 bottles of mineral water 500ML
  • 40L can loading 26 bottles of wine 700ML
  • Surrounding reinforcement design
  • 10MM thick insulation layer advanced technology to make environmentally friendly PVC liner, super waterproof PROOLCT DETALS
  • The two-way zipper adopts high-quality wear-resistant zipper, which can be used in both directions and is more convenient.
  • The thickened and widened nylon belt adopts high-quality nylon belt, exquisite workmanship, safer and stronger
  • Outer mesh pocket, external velcro mesh pocket, mesh pocket material is strong and durable
  • Polyester 450D 360 degree waterproof fabric P90OUCT DETALS

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  • USD: 32.67$


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